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Asian Content Creators

On May 13th, we hosted an event featuring Asian Content Creators! 


Meet the Panelists! 


  • Founder of Firefly Slime 

  • Student at UW Bothell studying Business 

  • Dobochobo on Youtube 

  • Student at UW studying Communications 

  • ArticJackie on TikTok 

  • Graduated from Northeastern, majoring in Computer Science and Design 

  • Current Software Engineer at Chewy 

Could you start by introducing yourself and sharing a bit about your educational background and what led you to content creation?  

Angelina: Angelina founded Firefly Slime when she was 14 years old. She grew up interested in crafts and started posting slime videos on Instagram. After her Instagram grew and many people became interested in her slime, she started a slime shop. She studies business at UW Bothell and will be graduating this spring! 

Deborah: Deborah started her YouTube channel, Dobochobo, 4 years ago during the pandemic. During the pandemic, she had a lot of free time and wanted to pour energy into a creative project. She initially started posting lifestyle content on social media, then expanded to YouTube. She is a student at UW studying communications and will be graduating this spring! 

Jacqueline: Jacqueline started her Tiktok page, ArticJackie, during the pandemic. She initially started posting TikToks as a hobby, but it snowballed into a profitable content creation business. She started off posting makeup content, then pivoted towards fashion content. Jacqueline majored in Computer Science and Design at Northeastern University and works full-time as a Software Engineer at Chewy. 

Can you share a couple of key milestones in your content creation journey? What/who has been your biggest inspiration? 

Angelina: Angelina has appeared on a variety of TV shows including Fox, Tubi, and has been showcased in a Scholastic magazine. She also traveled a lot before the pandemic to sell slime and attend conferences. She mentions it was inspirational to attend these conferences, as she got to connect with many like-minded individuals. 

Deborah: Deborah mentions how achieving 500,000 subscribers on YouTube was a big milestone for her. She also highlights that collaborating with Notability in Boston was a significant moment to her. She finds inspiration in connecting with fellow Asian content creators, as it fosters creativity and community. 

Jacqueline: Jacqueline highlights her substantial growth on TikTok, boasting over 35,000 followers, as a significant achievement. She also mentions that being invited to an influencer event in Boston was a significant moment. Like Angelina and Deborah, she agrees that her peers serve as a constant source of inspiration. 

Could you share an example of a significant challenge you’ve faced in your career as a content creator and how you overcame it?”  

Angelina: Angelina mentions that she’s struggled with comparison and perfectionism, especially in a niche filled with other content creators. However, she overcame this by realizing everyone is on their own journey. For her, success is simply doing better than her past self.  

Deborah: Deborah talks about struggling with Imposter Syndrome, especially when meeting big YouTubers. However, she overcame this by reminding herself to focus on being better than she was yesterday. Deborah's advice to the audience is to constantly remind themselves that they're unique, and no one can do things exactly the way they do. 

Jacqueline: Jacqueline shares that getting started was a real struggle for her. Despite her hesitations, she took the leap and began posting content. She emphasizes the importance of pursuing personal fulfillment rather than fixating on metrics such as follower count and likes. 


Thank you for reading! We look forward to seeing you at our event with Accenture on Monday!

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