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Getting the Most Out of Virtual Campus Life

As fall quarter fast approaches, it's time to return to Zoom and online learning. Even though remote learning isn’t ideal, there are still ways to make the most out of what this virtual setting has to offer. Here are a couple ways to maximize the virtual campus experience.

Take Advantage of Online Events

Try a Case Competition

  • Case competitions are a great way to collaborate with peers and apply what you learned in classes to real world situations. While case competitions are no longer in-person, the transition into an online format can be seen as a plus rather than a drawback. Team meetings are made easy via Zoom (no more struggles with reserving study rooms or finding places to work!) and presentations are done in the comfort of your own home. This fall, the annual Russell Investments International Case Competition will be held virtually from October 23rd to November 6th. General registration opens September 30th.

Play Around with Other Communication Applications

  • By now, you may be familiar with the basics of Zoom and what it has to offer like screen sharing and group video calls. While these are great, Zoom still definitely comes with a few drawbacks like screen-share lags and restricted chat functions. That said, Zoom is not and should not be the end-all be-all solution for all your online communication needs. If you read the last post, you would know that I highly recommend downloading Discord!

  • Discord creates organized invite-only messaging servers. Within each server, you can organize separate channels designated for hang-outs, study groups, or event planning. Screen share features are made easier and you don’t have to fuss with always enabling screen-share and computer sound features.

  • And as mentioned in the last post, I highly recommend creating a study group and using Discord’s listening party feature, as you can stream music along with your friends while working on your own projects.

Get Involved with RSOs

  • Remember that college is not all about academics, but also about gaining new experiences and meeting new people. While it is important to advance your professional career, with the convenience of remote meetings, try looking into clubs you couldn’t join before-- like clubs based on your hobbies or interests. The Annual Student Activities Fair will be held from September 30th to October 10th, so make time to drop by and see what new experiences await you.

While remote learning definitely takes away from the full college experience, it is important to make the most of it and try to enjoy virtual campus life to the fullest. Always remember to take care of yourself, and we look forward to seeing you this upcoming school year!

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