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Summer Planning with ABSA

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Summer is officially here! While COVID-19 and the stay-at-home order has completely changed the way we spend our summer, this time at home is just as important as any. That said...

What is ABSA Up To?

Here’s what our officers at ABSA have been doing this summer:

Sarah Reyes / Business/ Economics / Internal Relations Director

  • Summer quarter and lots of Animal Crossing!

  • Goals: Create a better balance between productivity and self-care where I can still enjoy my summer while accomplishing my academic goals. (This includes getting all the mermaid furniture in Animal Crossing...)

  • How I stay productive: Waking up early! Waking up at 8am really helps with my mood as waking up later than 12pm always makes me feel like I wasted the whole day.

Kelly Lan / Accounting & IS / Vice President

  • I’m taking summer quarter classes (B ECON 300 and I BUS 300) and just started a remote, part-time accounting internship. Internships at really small firms or startups, volunteer/unpaid opportunities to gain experience (if you are financially able to), and research assistant positions for faculty or a department at UW are all valuable options. Be as open as possible to everything!!

  • Goals: Learn how to cook, learn a new skill on LinkedIn Learning

  • How I stay productive: have a normal sleep schedule and have breaks during the day where you can move around or walk outside!

Patricia Li / Accounting & Finance & Informatics / President

  • I’m interning at Liberty Mutual for an analyst role this summer! Interning remotely is definitely an unusual experience as you don’t get to connect with your fellows that much, but at least commuting time gets translated to sleeping time!

  • Goals: Study all sorts of random things like how to turn useless clothes into prettier ones… I made myself a vision board but so far I haven’t started on any of the goals!

  • How I stay productive: Still keep a to-do list and a calendar in the summer as time slips through so quickly when I am just in bed scrolling through instagram/YouTube. Make sure to stick with what you planned!

Jane Kim / Marketing & IS / Marketing Director

  • I am spending my summer in Korea taking summer classes (MGMT 300 & 320 and a I&S class) while working remotely for the University of Washington Advancement. The time difference will be wild.

  • Goals: Just to have something to tell people after the summer? Last year I really didn’t do anything much. I might learn some new coding languages!

  • How I stay productive: Having a set routine really helps me - I still try to set an alarm even though I don’t have any particular thing to do in the morning.

Joanna Chen / Accounting & IS / Public Relations Director - Professional Development

  • As I plan to graduate early, I’m currently taking classes: FIN350, IBUS300, BECON300, and ASTR101. I’m also participating in Goldman Sachs’ Summer Insight Series, which is an early insight program for sophomores.

  • Goals: During the month-long break before fall quarter, my plan is to complete the Foster Excel course. I might also learn a few dances from Youth with You (a Produce 101 style show in China), just to get away from my desk from time to time.

  • How I stay productive: Keeping both a summer plan and daily schedules have really helped me stay on track. Another thing to keep in mind is to plan for entertainment/relaxing time! This can make you more efficient when you work/study.

Amanda Huynh / Finance & IS / Finance Director

  • I’m interning at U.S. Bank this summer and doing Chloe Ting challenges. Also playing Animal Crossing with Sarah.

  • Goals: get fit and have a quarantine glow up physically and mentally

  • How I stay productive: I love keeping a cute planner even through the summer to feel productive even if you’re not planning to do academic work. Also, I think taking walks with my mom has helped relieve stress and reset myself to stay motivated and productive.

Brian Liao / Finance & Informatics / Event Director

  • I am currently interning at Troy Consulting for the summer

  • Goals: My goal this summer is to teach myself coding, get better at playing the guitar, and to stay in shape

  • How I stay productive: Although corona has taken away routine and excitement from our lives, it’s always important to have a positive outlook on situations like this, and I see it as a chance to do things that I’ve always wanted to do but not have time.

  • Some of my Hobbies: Working out, going on walks, watch youtube, Play 2K, Eat food

Christie Lee / Economics & Informatics / Public Relations Director- Community Development

  • I am currently participating in an externship at AT&T

  • Goals: My goal this summer is to design a simple user interface (i-fridge) and hopefully make it into an application

  • How I stay productive: hang out with friends and family to make sure I am talking and interacting with someone.

  • My hobbies: hiking, listening to music, and cooking

COVID-19 Resources

After looking into how the officers are spending their summers, here are online resources you can use this summer.


Coursera is a learning platform that offers online courses based on academic and professional skills. Currently, Coursera is offering free courses based on content marketing, marketing analytics, business models, financial planning and more.

Completing the Foster Excel Business Course

We all see it on our Canvas dashboards––but with classes, jobs, and other obligations, is there ever really time to actually complete it? With the stay-at-home order and quarantine carrying over to the summer, it is the perfect opportunity to complete this course!

Foster Students

These are our favorites and personal recommendations, but if you are a Foster student, here is a comprehensive canvas page of resources: COVID Career

Remember––it's your summer!

While there are many resources available to help in developing your professional and academic careers over the summer, it is important to remember that despite all this, we are still in a global pandemic; use this time at home to relax and refocus! Although it is important to stay productive, productivity should never be something you guilt yourself in doing, but a goal you want to achieve. Productivity should be based solely on how you operate based on your own limits and goals.

No matter how you choose to spend your summer, remember to take things at your own pace and do what is best for your physical and mental health. And with that, ABSA wishes you a happy summer! As always, stay safe and healthy, and we hope to see you soon.

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