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What ABSA Exec has Been Up To

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Hey ABSA fam! We hope your summer is going well. All the ABSA Exec Team have been spending their summers differently so here’s some fun things we’ve been up to…

Ella Chuang // Public Relations - Community Director

  • This summer I went on a family vacation to the French and Italian Riviera. Outside of that I’m doing an internship with a small investment firm and enjoying my time at home.

  • My goals for this summer are just to relax as much as I can before my junior year starts (lol) and to get through the Foster Excel course.

  • What I’m looking forward to the most with ABSA this year is meeting all the new members and growing closer to the ones we’ve got right now!

  • In my free time you’ll find me playing bass/piano, napping, or reading fanfiction

Belle Lin // Event Director

  • I'm currently working a part-time job at a bakery. My other summer plans are just relaxing at home and hanging out with friends.

  • My goal this summer is to go outside more and explore various trails and parks in Washington. For the future, I hope to be involved with more UW events and RSOs.

  • I look forward to the professional speaker events and interacting with new and returning ABSA members!

  • My hobbies are listening to music, playing tennis, and watching youtube/kdramas.

Airi Suzuki // Public Relations - Corporate Director

  • So far, I’ve been taking some online classes and reading a lot! However, now that my schedule has relaxed a bit, I plan to get outside more.

  • My goals for the summer are to spend some time working on interests like cooking, drawing, etc. I’ve lost a lot of my flexibility, so I hope I improve that as well.

  • I am looking forward to getting to know the ABSA exec team, as well as all of the members! I hope everyone will enjoy the events we’re planning.

  • One of my hobbies is watching Youtube/Netflix! I’m planning to watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo soon, so I’m really excited.

Megan Wong // President

  • My plans for the summer and what I’ve been up to include working as a student assistant for the UW OMA&D HR Department as well as a counselor for the Accounting Career Awareness Program (ACAP). I will also be traveling to California & Canada and going to K-pop concerts which I’m excited about!

  • My goals for this summer are to be more active, learn new skills, and reconnect with creative hobbies. My goal for the future is to make more time for self-care to help me stay motivated and avoid burnout.

  • I’m looking forward to meeting new & returning members and growing our tight-knit community for this upcoming year with ABSA!

  • Hobbies: listening to music, baking, playing tennis, watching kdramas

Karina Chan // Marketing Director

  • I'm studying abroad in Barcelona this summer for business courses and an art class just for fun! The most enjoyable part has been visiting museums, wandering the neighborhoods, and the night life ;)

  • I have no particular goals this summer, just trying to enjoy my resting quarter before I jump into the school year. I'll try to pull out of my previous sophomore slump and maybe join a new club or switch up my regular routines this coming fall!

  • I'm looking forward to meeting new members and keep creating great events with my team :) Can't wait to learn new things in my role and keep supporting ABSA values!

  • hobbies: nail art yay! @lacquercrackers, new urban sketching hobby ;) pls help

Kelley Zeng // Finance Director

  • im working at The Daily UW as an Account Executive. I help run advertising for businesses in the student news publications like the newspaper. Outside of work im taking a few small trips with friends to California and Vancouver

  • goals for the summer include getting my foster excel certification and finding a summer 2023 business internship

  • getting to know as many members of absa as possible! It’s always nice to see the familiar faces

  • hobbies: hiking, baking, traveling, volleyball

Lydia Tu // Philanthropy Director

  • i'm currently taking summer classes and learning how to code. i've also been trying new recipes, recently I made dumplings from scratch

  • a goal I have is getting my driver's license

  • next year i'm looking forward to planning fun philanthropy activities. i'm also excited to eat good food and meet new members!

  • hobbies: hanging out with friends, baking, and reading

John Oh // Vice President

  • Highlight of the summer: went to Canada with family

  • My goal for this summer is focusing on recruiting for internships

  • I am looking forward to meeting new & old faces!!

  • I like to go paddle boarding

Kelly Pao // Internal Relations Director

  • I’m currently working as a PE/VC Fund Admin Intern in Downtown Seattle. Outside of work, I’ve been trying to spend more time outside and exploring the city.

  • This summer I want to just relax before the school year starts and also start up baking again since I wasn’t able to much in the dorms >:(

  • I’m really looking forward to interacting with both old and new ABSA members and to continue growing our community :’)

  • In my free time I love baking/cooking (and eating yes), watching kdramas, hiking, and making spotify playlists.

With that, we hope you’ve been enjoying your time before school starts. Be sure to eat well and stay hydrated and we’ll see you all next time :)

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