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Would You Rather Trivia with ABSA Exec!

Hi ABSA family, hope summer has been going well for everyone! In this summer edition blog series, come get to know a little more about the ABSA exec team for this upcoming school year through these fun “would you rather” trivia questions:)

1. Would you rather (1) erase your worst memory or (2) relive your best one?

Ella: Relive my best one! I think bad memories help form our identities as much as good ones and are important to have and I wouldn’t want to change that.

Britney: I choose (2) because I wouldn't have developed who I am if I erased my worst memory

Kit: Relive my best one because based on all the shows I have watched, the worst memories are always the main character's gateway to success and happiness.

Megan: I choose (2), because I would do anything to go back and experience the moment of happiness I felt from the TXT concert in May.

Kelley: Relive my best one

2. Would you rather (1) never be able to use GPS for the rest of your life or (2) never be able to use credit card?

Britney: I choose (1) because sometimes being lost is a good thing.

Ella: Never use a credit card. There are easy alternatives to that like *debit* cards. And cash. I don’t think I’d survive trying to read a paper map.

Airi: Never be able to use a credit card. I get lost so easily, so I need GPS to get to places!

Lydia: Does Apple Pay or Venmo count cause I really need google maps but I also don’t want to use cash Belle: I choose (2) because I can just use my debit card. Without GPS I fear that I will always be late or never make it to where I'm supposed to be.

3. Would you rather be able to (1) travel everywhere for free or (2) eat everywhere for free?

Britney: I would choose (1) because I love traveling! I always wanted to travel ever since I was young

Kit: Travel everywhere because then I could eat food from all around the world.

Estella: I choose (1) because I would rather have the opportunity to immerse myself in new experiences and spend my money on food from different cultures/places all over the world, than staying in my bubble and saving money going to the restaurants in my home town.

Lydia: Eat cause food is life

Megan: I would choose (2), because although I enjoy traveling, I eat more frequently and would prefer to be able to try any new food or restaurant for free.

4. Would you rather always have (1) full phone battery or (2) full gas tank?

Estella: I choose 2 because gas is expensive, and I can charge my phone while I am driving. So it would save time and money.

Kelley: Full car gas tank

Belle: (2), gas is expensive, and full gas tank means never having to refill gas on road trips. If I always had full phone battery I will become the ultimate screenanger.

Lydia: I don’t drive so definitely full phone battery

Kit: Full phone battery because I don't have a car :O

5. Would you rather only be able to go out during (1) day time or (2) night time?

Kit: Night time because that's when the fun begins

Ella: Day time. Even though I’m a night owl, I get too anxious walking around at night (safety ya know?) and everything’s open during the day.

Airi: Day time! I love my sleep and staying at home. Also, it gets really dangerous at night.

Lydia: Go out during the daytime

Estella: I choose (1) because although I am a night owl, I love the sun and would rather experience the fun activities you can do when it is nice out.

6. Would you rather (1) tell your past self something or (2) ask your future self a question?

Airi: I would rather tell my past self something. Although I don't regret most of the decisions I've made in the past, I'd be curious to know if my telling myself something would change my current self drastically.

Estella: Assuming that option 1 could change the outcome of my life, I would choose it so that I could start developing the skills important to my life/career, but at an earlier age.

Britney: I would choose (2) so that I could see a little of my future. I always love planning ahead.

Megan: I would choose (2), because I am more curious about what my future holds than being able to tell my past self something.

Belle: (2), I would love to get a glimpse of what my future might look like.

7. Would you rather eat only (1) sweet foods or (2) savory foods for the rest of your life? Kit: I guess savory foods. Why is there no both option ;-;

Airi: Eat only savory foods? There's more variety, and it is harder to get sick of.

Estella: I choose (2) because the majority of full course meals are savory and I love to eat.

Megan: I would choose (2), because although I love dessert, there's more variety in savory foods and it would be the more balanced, healthier diet.

Kelley: Savory

8. Would you rather be able to (1) control minds or (2) read minds?

Airi: Depends. I would prefer reading minds if I could selectively read minds (when I want to hear others). However, if I have to have the ability active at all times, I would prefer to control minds.

Lydia: I wouldn’t want to do either lol

Ella: Read minds. I wanna be sneaky like that lol. Plus if I wanted to control minds, I’d just read their mind and use it to my advantage and just influence them into doing something.

Kit: Read minds because I always wonder what people are thinking about me

Belle: I choose (2), so I can fully understand what others are thinking and be able to communicate with anyone.

9. Would you rather work in a (1) big city or (2) small town?

Ella: Big city— but just to work, I like living in the suburbs. I grew up in a small suburb and working there would not be my type of life. Living there is different though.

Britney: I would choose (1) because I'm an extrovert and love talking to people.

Estella: I choose (1) because I grew up in Seattle, so I am a city gal.

Kelley: Big city

Megan: I would choose (1), because a big city tends to be more bustling and offers more opportunities to explore different places.

We hope you enjoyed reading this and encourage you to ask your friends or family these questions too! See yall next time for the last summer blog post!

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