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Interesting UW Classes Everyone Should Take

Hi everyone and welcome back to our summer blog post series! Today is the last one where we give our recommendations of classes you should take while you’re here at UW.

PSYCH 210 (I&S, DIV): The Diversity of Human Sexuality

  • The Classic. It's a class about human sexuality and every topic surrounding it. The professor and class are super welcoming and fun, so every class, there will be a good laugh. All the practical information you learn can be super helpful in real life as well.

LING 269 (I&S): Swearing and Taboo Language

  • Take a deeper dive into swear words across different cultures. Learn all about how these words stemmed and all the different aspects to these words from the formation to the pronunciation.

ESS 101 (I&S, NW): Introduction to Geology and Societal Impacts

  • Aka Rocks for Jocks, this class is all about rocks and all the processes that shape the earth. With field trips to geological sites all around Washington, discovering earth has never been more fun!

EDUC 251 (I&S, DIV, W): Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity

  • Writing all about yourself! No seriously, this class is pretty much exploring your own identity and reflecting upon what you’re learning and how you can connect this to your own life and experiences. At the end, you’ll basically have written your own memoir.

ASTR 101 (NW, QSR): Astronomy

  • Ever wanted to become an astronaut? Well now's your chance to go back to your inner child and learn all about the solar system! You’ll learn all about the stars, the planets, the celestial beings, and how us humans came to be on Earth. The content is truly fascinating and might even change the way you look at the world.

COM 220 (I&S, VLPA): Introduction to Public Speaking

  • Just like the title, this class is exactly what you think it is. This is a great experience to get out of your comfort zone and have the once in a lifetime opportunity to give a speech in red square ;) But in all seriousness, this class will be of benefit to everyone, regardless of the major you’re in.

All in all, we know that class registration can be a stressful time so we want to give you guys some fun class recommendations for when you’re not sure what to take and to alleviate your schedule. Let us know if you take any of these classes and how you like them!

And with that it is the end to our summer blog post series. We have some super exciting events planned for this year and we can’t wait to see you there!

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