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Building Your Skillset: Summer Edition

Hi everyone, happy summer! Whether you are working, traveling, or just relaxing at home, we hope your break is going well so far! Summer is a great time to try something new, and a cool opportunity is to learn a new skill through participating in online certifications and courses. Not only are these resources easy to use, but also, they can be completed at any time. Get ready to enhance your personal and professional skillset with this list of online courses and certifications:)

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers lots of opportunities to develop various skills. There are two main skill-building routes: Skill Assessment and Certifications. Linked-in Learning is also a resource for premium members which gives access to a wide range of videos and courses taught by industry professionals. Linked-in Learning is free for UW students, so make sure to log in with your UW account. Here is a quick distinction between the two skill-building routes.

Skill Assessment: Completing an assessment for a specific skill and earning a badge that is displayed on LinkedIn profile. There are 3 categories of skill assessments: technical, business, or design.

  • Adobe Acrobat

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Microsoft Excel

Certification/Credential: Completing a Linked-in Learning course through watching videos and engaging with the course. Certification can also be displayed on LinkedIn profile. Examples:

  • Strategic Business Analysis Essentials

  • Cold Calling Mastery

  • Business Collaboration in the Modern Workplace

2. Foster Courses (For Foster Students only)

The Foster School of Business offers two different courses for students: Foster Excel for Business and Foster R for Business. These are found on your Canvas page and each course has a list of modules, readings, videos, practice activities, and quizzes. Quizzes are optional but are encouraged to do in order to earn credential for completing the course. Foster Excel for Business: Introductory course to the various applications of Excel in the business world. Covered topics in this course include basic excel functions, creating spreadsheets, formatting charts, manipulating data, etc.

Foster R for Business: Introductory Course about the fundamentals of R such as R functions, data organization, data analysis, etc. 3. Coursera

This is a website that partners with colleges and companies to make online courses and certifications accessible to everyone. Each course provides a brief overview of the content, experience level preference, approximate duration it takes to complete, fee (if applicable), and more. Some courses include linked-in shareable certificates that can be uploaded to your LinkedIn Profile.


We hope these resources inspire you to diversify your skillset and have a productive summer. Wishing everyone an amazing rest of the summer!

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