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Resume & LinkedIn Workshop

On February 7, ABSA hosted an event led by Senior Career Coach and UW Foster alumni Jennifer Chen from Foster Career Services to share insight about how your resume and LinkedIn profile can stand out to employers. We also discussed ways to articulate experiences and optimize formatting on resumes and LinkedIn to set up for success.

Here are the key highlights from the event:

Basic Resume Guidelines

Main sections:

  1. Header

  2. Education

  3. Experience

  4. Activities and Leadership (if applicable)

  5. Skills

  6. Other information (i.e. interests, course work, honors, awards, affiliations)


  • Margins no less than 0.5 for left and right side, and no less than 1 inch for top and bottom

  • Dates - Include Month, Year

  • GPA - Include if 3.0 and above

  • Add your LinkedIn Profile unique URL Link

  • 1 page one-sided MAX

Steps to Tailor Your Resume

1. Preparation

  • Find a role (job or internship) that you want to apply for

  • Identify the qualification and job responsibilities

  • Look for key action verbs

2. Format

  • Format your resume with clear headers

  • Resume should be consistent in font, spacing, etc.

  • Make sure it is only 1-page long

3. Content

  • Include most relevant experiences to role

  • Write bullets that show transferable skills needed for the job

  • Use action verbs & numbers

  • Note: Be smart about the real estate on your resume, make the most out of your space

4. Review

Resume Bullet Writing:

Action Verb + Task Completed + Value add

Include details on how you completed the task, and add numbers to show the scope of the work

Here’s an example of a bullet point statement:

  • Before: Provide after school tutoring support.

  • After: Tutored approximately 10 students in chemistry and biology on a weekly basis while constantly assessing each student’s needs in order to structure and scaffold instruction appropriately.

Bullet Point Formula:

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet.

You can use LinkedIn to find the right job or internship, connect and strengthen professional relationships, and learn the skills you need to succeed in your career.

Tips for Using LinkedIn:

  • Keep readers engaged by adding interesting details and visuals

  • Let your skills shine on your profile so readers can see your strengths

  • Your LinkedIn profile is a professional landing page for you to manage your own, personal brand

    • It showcases who you are and what you do by displaying a general history of your professional experiences and achievements

    • A complete LinkedIn profile can help you connect with opportunities

LinkedIn for Connecting & Networking

Posting Content on LinkedIn

  • Share your work passions (ex: AI, ethical supply chains, mentorship)

  • Use as a tool for Personal Branding

  • Update your network on your accomplishments and work

  • Reader engagement = more views on your profile

Types of Content on LinkedIn

  • Articles

    • Publications on LinkedIn with more depth

  • Photo Updates

    • Pictures used to enhance the content of a post

  • Videos

    • The main focus of the post and are often educational

  • Written Post

    • Can be updates, news, or reflections

  • Shared Posts

    • Building off of someone else’s post

What Are Connections?

  1. First degree connections are people you are personally connected with

  2. Second degree connections have a mutual connection

  3. Third degree connections have no mutual connections with you

Pro tip: Only connect with people you would want to work with!

LinkedIn Networking Dos and Don’ts:

  • Don’t overload a contact with requests

  • Personalize your request to connect and have a goal in mind

  • Use commonalities with unknown contacts

  • Respond to messages within a week

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful when crafting your own resume and LinkedIn profile. Congrats on getting through midterms! We hope to see you at our next event. Stay warm, safe, healthy, and happy ABSA family!

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